Name, first nameBui, QuynhYear of birth1981UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldTextile / Fashion DesignTitle of projectUntitledAbstractDuring the mid 1800s, jeans were originally designed in America for blue collar laborers constructed to withstand the daily grind. Today, jeans have become a fashion staple worn by every social class with no distinction between sex or age group and worn on all occasions. Being ubiquitous as it is, jeans once stood for more than just a comfortable piece of clothing. It once bore the symbol of youth rebellion, an anti-fashion statement that was not accepted in conventional society. It became a uniform for the counter-culture youth to protest against restrictions from parents, societal values, and demonstrated freedom of rights and sexual stereotypes. This thesis focuses on the history of how jeans became the symbol of youth and its social impact during the 1950's-1960's in America and investigates the symbolisms of jeans in modern America. What relations do jeans have on a political or societal standpoint? In what fashion does the 50's-60's and modern counter-culture youth compare and differ? Does symbolism exist in denim in modern America and what do they represent?TutorsJill Gasparina