Name, first nameMarianne NorénYear of birth1988UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectA Secret Story of AnimationAbstractIn animation, Color is the most important visual element used to evoke empathy. Today´s leading studio, Pixar Animation, is known for specifically using a technique called Color Scripting when creating their stories. As a method used in pre-production, the Color Script lets artists develop a visual structure through color composition. By using the method, artists replaced traditional themes of fairytales, with social themes of society, which eventually was key when it came to placing Pixar at the top of the rankings.

This thesis analyzes and dissects the method of the Color Script. What was created as a tool based on the idea of making people cry has transitioned into a commodity that possibly changes social ideologies bit by bit. How is that?

In what way has the evolution of Color Scripts influenced the way the animated feature films are created today?
TutorsEtienne Bernard
A Secret Story of AnimationA Secret Story of AnimationA Secret Story of Animation