Name, first nameFedericoYear of birth1994UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectProxtension. A discourse about Typography as extension/actiAbstractProxtension is an ongoing research project that investigates how type design and typography might have a cultural impact on the social patterns, as media and its consequently visual results. The research offers some reflections about how typography might be used as part of the action and reaction, especially in counterculture printed matters. Proxtension is a mash-up word that it is combined by “Prox(imity)”, as nearness or imminence, and “Extension” referred to the human capability to use media as self-outtering. In this sense, Proxtension means the “imminence extension” of the action and reaction derived by the use of typography and graphic design. From the counter-culture zines to the speculative type-design approach, this research in an open discourse.TutorsRoland Frueh, Wayne Daly
Proxtension. A discourse about Typography  as extension/acti