Name, first nameNaoyuki KiyotaYear of birth1992UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectperception of mapAbstractHow does an artist make a work that is evocative of a specific place or territory? 
How do they go about this process when they want to tell a story that takes place in the space they are seeking to evoke?
I think, examining the mapping through cartography and its numerous representation could happen to be the most powerful side-road for artists.
For proof and research more deeply, I show some different representation of maps from different purpose.
And, I use "Ammassalik wooden maps" which was made in Greenland, and work of Arakawa Shusaku as my main case study.
Through the research of Arakawa's process and reason why he arrive at this thinking , I tried to find link between representation of map and his way of thinking of how to understand art work. After that, I propose what is one important thing for artists to do from my conclusion.
To represent my thesis, I have chosen to make a film. It is just one way through which I could communicate my concept. I think the combination of images, sound, and movement more effectively conveys my argument. It is, after all, one of the roles of the artist and designer to make ideas more comprehensible to audiences and so I have chosen to use several different media and angles to make my point as clearly as possible.
TutorsAlexandra Midal