Name, first nameAline PedrazziYear of birth1992UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectOlivetti: between design and artAbstractOlivetti was born in the 1908 in Turin and was the first factory that design and produce typewriters in Italy. The industry was based on the promotion of culture and art, and for this reason, international well-known artists and designers were called to design advertising, products and typefaces for typewriters.
The goal of the research is to investigate the relationship that Olivetti established with two designers and artists that in the 1958 designed two typefaces for the typewriter Graphika: Imre Reiner and A.M Cassandre. How Olivetti managed these collaboration, and what they gave in terms values to the multi millionaire typewriter company? According to the professional background of these two designers/artists, what can we find in the typefaces done for Olivetti that has this "artistic flavour"?
This topic not only allows me to go deepen in the connection between this industry and the international artistic scene, but it is also a good opportunity to reflect on a subject that concerns all people who are part of the world of creativity: the border between art and design.
A debate as subjective as tireless.
TutorsRoland Früh