Name, first nameMargheritaYear of birth1993UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectOmnipresent, pervasive and instantly recognizable: mascots aAbstractI was visiting the Olympic Museum in Lausanne when I bumped into a crowd of stuffed toys of Olympic Mascots displayed and lighten as if they were characters performing on a stage.
As potential applicant I went through the specifications of the creative brief for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Game Ambassador understanding the complexity of thoughts behind what seemed to me, at first glance, a bizarre and intriguing stuffed character. The applicants have to demonstrate their creativity and abilities to meet the expectations of people all over the world and create a mascot that will be loved by everyone. This latter requisite - be loved by everyone - led me taking the design of this character as seriously as any other object of design. Mascots are seen by billions of eyes and experienced in situ by thousands of people: how can I create a visual which is viscerally connected to such a wide and broad audience? Are there any criterions, parameters or standards to follow while shaping an object - or a subject – which has to “be loved by everyone” regardless of gender, culture and age? Eventually, I became convinced that knowing something more about the origins and meanings of mascots can add enjoyment and appreciation of the stuffed characters. A well-illustrated analysis would also provide the inspiration – and the information – which would open the debate about the future of mascots.
TutorsKoivu Anniina; Brynjar SigurðarsonFileDownload file
Omnipresent, pervasive and instantly recognizable: mascots aOmnipresent, pervasive and instantly recognizable: mascots aOmnipresent, pervasive and instantly recognizable: mascots a