Name, first nameKaj LehmannYear of birth1988UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectPictorial abstractions of movementAbstractWhen motion is shown on a static medium (e.g. books, posters, canvas), one needs to add a visual trick to indicate the direction, speed or flux of the motion. Over the course of the last century our eyes got trained to recognise many of these tricks, we understand for example speedlines or know the meaning of an arrow icon.

My research is an attempt to create a collection of visualisations of motions, categorise them and investigate their development in history. A website (Domain soon tba) has been founded to support the research. This website works an open platform: It’s a public archive of visual examples, essays and projects related to the topic. The ultimate goal is for the platform to become an idea-triggering tool for designers, artists and photographers.
TutorsWayne Daly, Roland Früh
Pictorial abstractions of movementPictorial abstractions of movementPictorial abstractions of movement