Name, first nameJEONG YOUJUNGYear of birth1988UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectThe relationship of food to tablewareAbstractConventional circular plates and bowls function perfectly as they are. Nevertheless, the vessels used to hold food are still evolving. In order to make food more compelling, and to add speciality to eating, high-end restaurants are offering experimental styles of dishes.
Even if you do not go to fine restaurants, unique types of bowls and utensils designed for specific dishes are easily found around us and it is interesting to see how they are developed in different ways to adopt to its own food culture.
We often say, the form follows function. If the form follows the function, does the form of the plate follow the function- let’s say- serving? Then does shape follow food or the other way around? If the function of the bowl is simply to hold the food, what does the specially crafted vessels mean? There must be more than only function of presenting food nicely. This essay will be dealing with this questions and collecting examples to show variety of styles in dinnerware that are specially invented.
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The relationship of food to tablewareThe relationship of food to tableware