Name, first nameOndrejYear of birth1992UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectGenerations of Czechoslovakian typographyAbstractAlthough the history of typography in Czechoslovakia is one with a short historical timeline, it on the other hand has a rich and developing culture of typography. The work of Czechoslovakian’s designers has been recognized within the international scene of type and graphic designers for its original style which indicates at its idiosyncrasies and its differences. This research is focused on the period of the Czechoslovakian typography scene between the years 1950 and 1970. Their first design of typefaces that reflected the needs of a new socialist structure, and with it, new ideologies. The aim of this research is to analyze and compare a new production of typefaces with the previous era. Discuss the aesthetic elements typical for their style together with defined opinions about the functional aspects of the typefaces in Czechoslovakia.TutorsRoland Früh, Wayne Daly
Generations of Czechoslovakian typographyGenerations of Czechoslovakian typography