Name, first nameEliott GrunewaldYear of birth1992UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectThe International Typeface CorporationAbstractITC is an American type-foundry created in 1971 in New-York City by Aarons Burns, Herb Lubalin and Edward Rondthaler. These 3 founders were at that time some of the best “actors” in the graphic and typographic landscape, not only in America but everywhere in the world.
This company was founded as a new platform to sell typefaces through subscription in order to propose new faces differents from the “classics” and “bestsellers” from that time distributed by the big type companies like Linotype or Monotype. That’s also one of the world’s first type foundries to be created without a past in “metal” fonts. It is one of the most influential and successful type foundry of the 70’s and the 80’s, they invented a new way to sell typefaces through subscription from the phototypesetting equipments manufacturers, and asked them to pay royalties on every font they sell.
That was a way to revitalise the type design market, by paying royalties directly to the type designers and provoque a big wave of new and original type-design all over the world.
Some of the most famous typefaces from ITC are ITC Avant-Garde Gothic, ITC Souvenir, ITC Serif Gothic, ITC Garamond, ITC Franklin Gothic.
They are also famous and reputed for the publication their created called U&Lc. A magazine quite specialised in type, graphic, and illustration, proposing interesting content, displaying the last work of designers from America and Europe, and of course proposing the last ITC releases typefaces.
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