Name, first nameEva-Maria BeerYear of birth1991UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectMoney the objectAbstractOn February 13 2017 I decided to find out everything about money. Focusing more and more on the making of paper money and the related techniques, my research exclusively covers the development of bills and not their financial background.
What I found out so far is that the business is very secure even mysterious which makes it sometimes hard to get information.
The study looks like a diary were I describe when I found out something new and what I want to reach with this information. The main topics are the materialities such as the security paper, ink, motivs and security features and their development and influences.
Because banknotes are not only instruments that serve as currency in certain countries or currency areas, but are commonplace in our daily live, they are as practical as possible and yet unique in their design. Banknotes have the highest security standards and their characteristics are constantly being developed. Therefore they are not a simple piece of paper but complex objects.
TutorsAnniina Koivu, Brynjar SigurĂ°arsonFileDownload file