Name, first nameMalte BredstrupYear of birth1989UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectRevisiting André GürtlerAbstractThe purpose of this paper is to rediscover the legacy of the Swiss type-designer André Gürtler through research of his rich archive donated to the cantonal library of St. Gallen and through interviews with affiliated designers.

Even though André Gürtler can be seen as one of the more influential designers of the Swiss modernism, working with amongst other Adrian Frutiger and later Team 77, not much have been written about him and his work.

The research shows a diverse practise in type-design with artistic and commercial projects in a range of different techniques, from amongst other, calligraphy to phototypesetting. A personal practise that at first may seem contradictory, but at further studying shares a light on the development of modern type-design in Switzerland.

The paper searches to discuss how a humanistic approach was manifested in a modernist rational era and even more directly how André Gürtler was successful in creating constructed letter-forms with a sense of the human spirit.
TutorsRoland Früh, Wayne Daily
Revisiting André Gürtler