Name, first nameeunwook namYear of birth1989UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectAppropriation in digital ageAbstractSo-called prosumers, who consume and produce simultaneously, operate on a vast digital archive. They use copy-paste, drag-and-drop, and mashup and bootleg technologies to borrow existing data-driven images, sounds, or concepts. It became a regular life so much that we are not even conscious of it.

The history of appropriation is deep in art. It has been rapidly becoming widespread through the postmodern era, and now in the digital age it is becoming a natural phenomenon, and even at the same time, the boundaries of are widening.

This research is to find the relationship between appropriation art and consuming culture. Commercial media and appropriation art are inseparable. In the 1980s, Richard Prince, who occupied a significant position in art, appropriated Marlboro advertising photographs, and in the 1980s he portrayed pictures of Marlboro cigarette advertisements has been cut mainly from magazines. The later art critics interpreted it as 'an experiment in which the meaning and context of the commercial image changed as the place where the commercial image was selected and displayed by the artist.’

Through this research, I will analyze how fine art takes images of commercial properties in the process of reconstruction and what it means in its context. Finally, it will be an interrogation of its potential if these could be reapplied to commercial photography again.
TutorsJoel Vacheron
Appropriation in digital ageAppropriation in digital age