Name, first nameJustinas VilutisYear of birth1991UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectInto the Flow - Liquidity and SubjectivityAbstractThis thesis provides an attempt to outline a brief chapter in the history of liquidity. Using a vast variety of themes and points of entrance - starting from the notion of liquid modernity, conceived by Zygmunt Baumann to plasticity and neuroscience as investigated by Catherine Malabou to the relationship of language normalisation and development of waste disposal systems. As such the thesis aims to reconcile seemingly opposite worlds - the notion of the subjectivity and the nature of liquid crystal display. Accordingly the text becomes a rhizome-like object - creating seemingly distant connections and spilling over into topics such as language, modernity, subjectivity and technology. While keeping fluids in shape requires perpetual effort and even then the success is anything but a conclusion, liquidity attains the properties of a freefloating rhizome. Unlike a defined structure, the rhizome undergoes a metamorphosis as if it were a map - detachable, modifiable, reconnectable within the multiplicity of the entrances, exists and lines of flight.TutorsJoel VacheronFileDownload file
Into the Flow  - Liquidity and Subjectivity