Name, first namePark Shin YoungYear of birth1989UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectHow the archival methodology affects visual arts?AbstractArchive is one of the main characteristics in the modern era that created as much by state organizations and institutions as by individuals and groups. For the huge amount of information including images are filled with our society, the proper archive, document, arrangement, and classification became much more crucial aspect. As the same data can get totally different meaning and value in a specific context, images can also get a new stance depending on its contexts. In the digital media era which daily life is overwhelmed by all types of visual culture, it is a crucial property that dealing with extensive visual data - including founded images on the internet - such as archiving and rearrange in each purpose.
Through this research, I would like to focus on the archive methodology in visual arts field. Actually over recent years, there are several exhibitions and art works which have archive format and this sort of approaches appear more than ever. First I will start from the origin of the term as archive and discuss how it developed. And especially about the meaning of the archive and documentation in the contemporary art scene, the research will be based on the theory of Jacques Derrida and the Hal Foster. The cases of the artistic processes and the exhibitions will be analyzed to show how the archival approach affects to art scene. Additionally, discussion will be developed how the new technology affects to archival methodology; the interrelation between the digital archiving as an artistic practice and the curating approaches.

- Why the archive matters now?
- How the archival approach affects contemporary visual art scene?
- How the archival methodology became crucial aspect?
- How the new technology affects the way of archive?
- What to do with today's big data including image sources through archival methodology?
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How the archival methodology affects visual arts?How the archival methodology affects visual arts?