Name, first nameJakob ReuterYear of birth1989UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldDesign Research and ReflectionTitle of projectPotted plants in our homesAbstractI never could imagine a craftsman in the Middle Ages having a potted plant on his window sill and taking care of it. But nowadays plants are a normal part of our interiors. I wanted to find out how long back the tradition of growing plants inside goes.
In Northern Europe the start can be dated back to the beginning of the 16th century. Different factors, like the development of better techniques for glass production or the bad smell in medieval towns, have contributed to the peoples wish to bring a part of nature inside. They started to put living plants in pots and made them a product in the stores. Some of the reasons to grow plants indoors have changed over time and some
have stayed the same. But plants have established themselves as an essential part of our homes.
TutorsAnniina Koivu, Brynjar Sigur∂arsonFileDownload file
Potted plants in our homes