Name, first nameIrina HuwilerYear of birth1992UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectGames as a tool for ecological educationAbstractBy the analysis of media with ecological contents, such as movies, TV-shows, as well as analogue and digital games, this Master's project aims to find out how these media are designed to engage kids in ecological topics.
The main focus is set on the motivational and visual design of the particular media.
This work is based on two theses: Firstly, kids often lack a connection to nature and secondly, educational media should meet the kids’ interests, such as computer games.
The findings serve the practical part of the project, the development of a digital Point and Click Adventure about fishes in Swiss waters for kids of 8-12 years.
TutorsMela Kocher, René Bauer, Ulrich Götz
Games as a tool for ecological education