Name, first nameLippert, Jana MarleneYear of birth1987UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldDesign Research and ReflectionTitle of projectThe History of SleepAbstractSleep researchers today can still not exactly explain why we sleep. What they agree on is its recreational function for the immune, skeletal, muscular and nervous systems as well as for the brain. In todays society good sleep became an obsession. Just as many areas of our lives undergo optimization, sleep too gets a lot of attention. There are plenty of guidebooks, apps, special lights, sound machines, not to speak of a great variety of mattresses and beds that are all promising a better if not perfect sleep.
My memoire looks at the history of sleep, societal specialties, behavior and changing sleep patterns. Sociology, archeology and history are my main fields of research, while I am only slightly touching the medical field. My study aims at giving an overview at the evolution of sleep in western societies, trying to understand how historical changes influenced sleep behaviors till today and what we can learn from it. Is design actually a tool that can cater to our modern sleep obsession or is it a field that is already over designed and thus should be left alone?
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