Name, first nameHempel, MiriamYear of birth1979UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectThe Meaning Of... - an exploration of shared literaciesAbstractThe complex, fragmented and yet hyper-connected reality of globalization and the post-truth era have a problematic impact on our communication.

Linguistic simplification is on the rise, and works for political discourses, ideological propaganda, hasty conclusions, and communication via mass media.

What happens in a cultural and societal climate where the listener has gone extinct and the speaker gone unbridled? Where do empathy, understanding and societal transformation go?

To embrace and sustain complexity, multiplicity and difference and to set social, cultural and political transformation in motion, attention to language and communication is needed.

Can exploratory dialogue formats and collective thinking processes achieve a more open world view that allow for ambiguity rather than certainty, dissent instead of consensus, a multitude of narratives rather than one prevailing truth? Can heightened attention to language, communication and dialogue foster co-existence and solidarity rather then polarisation and hostility?

Could new meanings, connotations and narratives become something living and transformative, let alternative forms of knowledge emerge and consequently be used to describe our worlds afresh?

How can visual design elements become active agents in initiating, facilitating and fostering agile dialogue on complex matters? How can collected insights emerge, be documented, organized and made accessible through design?
TutorsProf. Dr. Sarah Teresa Owens, Dr. phil. Björn FrankeFileDownload file
The Meaning Of... - an exploration of shared literacies