Name, first nameDurre Shehwar AliYear of birth1994UniversityHKBField of Interest / research fieldDesign Research and ReflectionTitle of projectRediscovering IntimacyAbstract“We need pleasures that involve us, that do not merely pass through us, like barium untouched”.
-Greg Jackson (Writer/Artist)

The objective of my creative practice here in Masters is to reveal the body as the site of a social inscription and understand the struggle of the human body to endure and thrive within the systems to which it is subject and how senses play a part in enhancing awareness of the body. Everyone holds inside a plethora of memory, a designer or artist has the capacity to evoke this memory deliberately. Due to invasion of technology over our lives, I believe we are losing contact with our skin, losing the tangibility. I want to work on a more conservative side of design, bring back the tangibility and find quality in our quantitative lives. I am trying to work on rediscovering the intimacy of sensory experiences that we might have traded for convenience. The new norm is to eliminate friction, ‘friction-less lives’ I am trying to explore why this has become a common metric of efficiency that conveniences involve elimination of human aspect. The danger in convenience is proximal abandonment. What would be the future of intimacy between humans in future at all? My research is about the lessening utilization of senses due to technological advancement and how it is being dictated to be directly proportional to our development. I wish to carry out different experiments to really understand human’s need or want towards tactility. This is an experimental design approach.
TutorsMinou Afzali, Ulrike Felsing