Name, first nameIvan Al-AzmYear of birth1967UniversityHKBField of Interest / research fieldService DesignTitle of projectRe: TouqanAbstractLearning the language of one’s host country is essential for newcomers as it helps them build networks and facilitates social as well as cultural interaction and engagement. Proficiency in a second language provides newcomers with further opportunities for education and employment. Education empowers newcomers to contribute to local development, become active community leaders, and improve their livelihoods, among others. Also, there has been an increase in the recognition of the economic and human capital potential that newcomers can contribute to their host countries as well as the role of higher education and training play in this process. In other words, education and employment provide newcomers with possibilities to contribute positively to the host country’s economy and society, as well as providing the newcomers themselves with a vision for the future.

However, one of the barriers to education and employment is language proficiency. While language schools are the clearest choice to obtain proficiency in a second language, foreign language learning is not primarily concerned with academic language use. This leaves many newcomer students wishing to pursue or continue their studies in a relatively difficult position because they do not possess the necessary language skills for academic purposes to succeed in higher education.

My project seeks to find solutions to the above problem by working with newcomers who are interested in pursuing their higher education by building on the language and professional skills they already possess to develop course content and implement it to achieve the necessary language skills for academic purposes.
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