Name, first nameBüker, HannaYear of birth1987UniversityHKBField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectDesign for Death- Bettering End Life Experiences through DesAbstractEvery day we read, see and hear about death and yet the reality of dying is so strange to us. We don’t ‘do’ death any more. The experience of death has been left out of our lives to the point that most people may not even encounter a dead body until they are in their late-middle age. When a loved one is dying, we feel lost and helpless. We find ourselves in a situation unknown to us and this often in an unfamiliar setting. What is expected of me? How can I help the dying person and how can I also help myself in this situation?

Often a taboo subject in past decades, death has recently become a subject of interest not only for the public but for designers. Therefore the question is, how can design improve the support during the end of life. In the last few months, weeks, days of people’s lives, design can have an important role in improving the quality of life of any aspects of daily life.

How can I as a designer help to cover the needs of the dying and their relatives in end of life care. How can design contribute to deal with these sensitive situations? How can it help relatives find a way to connect with their loved ones and care for them? The goal is to improve the quality of end of life, by developing a series of tools/ products /processes/ frameworks which give support to the relatives as well as to the dying in these difficult times.
TutorsUlrike Felsing & Eva Soom Ammann