Name, first nameVincentYear of birth1984UniversityFHNWField of Interest / research fieldEvent DesignTitle of projectDie Puppe spielenAbstractAfter studies in photography and fashion design and having worked in film decoration, I would like to undertake for my master thesis a project that encompasses all of this.
I imagined a visual graphic for a collection of ready-to-wear, objects of decoration, design, graphics, for three different personalities that represent three facets of my personality.
In a world where tastes are becoming uniform and everyone wants this singularized in the same way as the next person, I would like to show by this project that it is easy to make a difference and this without spending lots of money and in a responsible way.
TutorsProf.Dr.Bettina Köhler Prof.Julian ZigerliFileDownload file
Die Puppe spielenDie Puppe spielenDie Puppe spielen