Name, first nameChhandak PradhanYear of birth1985UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectEntangledAbstractHow to be more creative on a regular basis than codes and algorithms? How to design objects that walk the tightrope of need vs sustainability? How to avoid being pawns in the hands of corporations or ideologies? In the age of automation, climate change, unprecedented consumption, and the global rise of populist politics, these questions challenge the relevance, impact, and very existence of designers. The key to negotiating these challenges is to train designers in critical thinking. But how can critical thinking be taught? And how to incentivise designers to think critically? In my thesis, I establish uncovering assumptions and assessing their validity as well as tracing entanglements as a way of learning critical thinking. Next, I use creativity as an incentive by demonstrating critical thinking as an integral element in creative thinking. With that as my theoretical framework, I am developing an interdisciplinary educational tool for design students. Using marginal narratives from history and moderated dialogue, I aim to devise a card based game that helps students to trace entanglements. Simultaneously, I explore materials, techniques, and processes to form artefacts that demonstrate how awareness of entanglements may be creatively used in ideation and conceptualisation of design objects.TutorsDr Sarah Owens, Dr Björn Franke