Name, first nameNassif, Jessica-MariaYear of birth1990UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectVoyeurisme AcoustiqueAbstractSnowden scandal exploded in 2013. We’re listened to, observed and analysed. But when did mass surveillance really begin? What artistic form did it take?

Acoustic Voyeurism retrace the history of sound surveillance and it spaces to understand how they were reactivated by the americain artists Bruce Nauman and Dan Graham in some of their pieces from the end of the 1960’s until the mid 1970’s.
By refecting what is happening at the time in the society within the art galery, their pieces open the eye on
conditioning spaces and question self-image, using technological surveillance audiovideo tools.

Acoustic Voyeurism proposes a facet of sound surveillance developed in the art gallery during
the Cold War.
TutorsDamien Delille