Name, first nameHelena BoschYear of birth1994UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldDesign Research and ReflectionTitle of projectGood Vibrations. From Repression to StimulationAbstractFrom its creation in the late nineteenth century, the vibratory object has taken different signification, discourses, and uses, in accordance with the respective power structures of each time.

Vibration objects were designed as tools to repress bodies and sexualities from a medical or commercial position. How can one same object and technology serve opposite purposes and follow contrary discourses? The sexual oppression through the usage of vibratory objects indirectly implies the appropriation and redesign of those tools by the repressed bodies for purpose of their own sexual pleasure. Masturbation and Vibration are unavoidably linked in their dynamic principle.

Good Vibrations analyzes oppressive uses of the vibrator object in relation to the female body. This study takes part in the late nineteenth century to the 1960’s. Where it dissects the emancipative sexual attempts by women, as acts of resistance.
TutorsDamien Delille