Name, first nameJeanne PasquetYear of birth1994UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldDesign Research and ReflectionTitle of projectCold RushAbstractFrozen in ice, bodies are intact, leading to the beginning of a new dream for humanity : immortality. The scientific and technical progress of the twentieth century makes this hope possible when, in the 1960s, the scientist Robert Ettinger, inspired by the first sci-fi narratives of American pulps, decides to devote his life to the ambitious project of overcoming death by cold. Convinced that the forthcoming medicine would be able to resurrect frozen bodies, he develops the cryogenics process. Heir of that belief, following the idea of immortality, the transhumanist ideology claimed by companies such as Google and it’s techno-prophet Raymond Kurzweil, extends this quest. One of the goals is to store data from the brains of humanity in huge data centers in order to achieve digital immortality. Greedy on electricity and due to all of the process related to it, these centers end up producing too much heat. But servers need cold to operate, always cold. While the GAFAM are heading to the North Pole to reach the white gold, the planet is warming because of human activity and industrial pollution. The Cold Rush is launched.TutorsAlexandra Midal