Name, first nameCamilo Vivas RojasYear of birth1982UniversityHKBField of Interest / research fieldService DesignTitle of projectProyectador, Art Experiences and CreativesAbstractA platform of services to increase income and improve working conditions of artists and creatives. In order to reach this vision, the goal is to design and develop a digital environment to find, hire and pay artistic, creative and entertainment services for social events and corporate programs. By the other hand, the markets to reach are out of the traditional and defined spaces for the arts and creative activities which are already ruled by tradition, institutional practices, and local governments. Therefore, this endeavor implies to define own standards of customer service, quality, finances, management, and logistics. In addition to this process of research and innovation, is necessary to use technological tools and business methods as well as techniques from participative design to generate a better understanding and relationship between creatives as service providers and their potential customers on their transactions, programs, and events.TutorsAndrea Allemann
Proyectador, Art Experiences and CreativesProyectador, Art Experiences and CreativesProyectador, Art Experiences and Creatives