Name, first nameLilia PetrovYear of birth1991UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectÀ LA FRONTIÈRE DU RÉEL: LES TOURS ILLUMINÉES AUX ÉTATS-UNISAbstractHeterotopias is: "subtle and clever enough to dispel reality with the sole force of illusions", Michel Foucault told us in his lecture entitled Heterotopias, in 1966. Can heterotopia reveal and dissociate realities in precise spaces, that are illuminated American towers ? Are heterotopies a way to better understand American architectural concepts?

There are different ways of locating heterotopias. In this work, we will focus on the notion of the illuminated tower as a symbol of the United States to better understand the notions of heterotopia according to Michel Foucault and simulacra according to Jean Baudrillard. We will see how heterotopy becomes an accomplice of the simulacrum: between them, they allow to create a reality distorted by our imagination. We can transform the imagination into reality through devices like the illuminated towers of Luna Park in Coney Island, Las Vegas and its fake Eiffel Tower, as well as Time Square with its screens of illusions. The tower is both a physical element that has a specific function in the architectural landscape and, at the same time, a metaphor for American culture. The Ground Zero site will unveil its symbolic function through the twin towers of the World Trade Center. What connection does light play in a heterotopic space as strong as a memorial?
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