Name, first nameGregory TurkawkaYear of birth1970UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectA Personal Learning Record Store as «Paypal for Education»AbstractAlthough universal digital identification systems are explored by many and personal learning record stores as part of LTI or xAPI collectors do exist, the creation of a digital identification system is currently taken over by Google, Microsoft and Facebook as only global 3rd-party authentication system and open access to educational resources is still a dream for many.

Aggregating formal and informal learning data and collecting them in a personal learning record store is a very sensitive issue and can't be offered by companies or countries. This might be a reason there are currently no initiatives that succeed to implement a global system of digital identification nor a personal learning record store for everyone.

Creating a waterproof biometrical-data-based digital identity that grants access to a personal learning record store where informal and formal learning achievements get aggregated by xAPI-protocol, is building the ground for further use. A artificially intelligent tokenized real value-backed platform that analyzes personal achievements, badges and certificates with further learning opportunities can offer further educational resources, job opportunities or new fields of interest to its users.

No one has combined institutional or open educational resources and informal learning with educational achievement maps and tokenized value systems for further access to payed learning resources yet. By creating a token system that is backed up with real funds as part of a personal learning record store, also the un-banked population can experience learning as value and get invested in further educational resources. Achievement maps will give orientation and offer personal learning paths for further exploration. By constantly adding new resources, learning results and achievements the data can be crunched and analyzed by artificial intelligent systems to offer clusters, trends and insights. Results can be used for further learning, creation of new educational resources and job recruitment or offerings. A blockchain as ledger will store all sensible data and build the trusted system for the users.
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A Personal Learning Record Store as «Paypal for Education»A Personal Learning Record Store as «Paypal for Education»