Name, first nameStefan Thomas MieschYear of birth1980UniversityHKBField of Interest / research fieldService DesignTitle of projectBrave New World Of WorkAbstractWe are experienced designers. We are masters of our craft and have mostly trained and educated ourselves several times. Many of us have once one - as one says in the vernacular "normal" occupation learned. We collected experiences in agencies or as independent ones. And if everything went well, we are now senior designers, consultants or even own our own agency.

We are part of the creative industry. With their advantages and disadvantages. We have learned to live with it: The night shifts, or the neglect of friends and family - it is almost part of the good tone to achieve prestige. We are adaptable, usually better than some chameleons. We are sensitive and often function in a completely different way than other professional groups. But we prefer not to be like them either. But what is it that makes us so special that we don't think in terms of 0 and 1? What makes the difference and what is our potential?

A service, a service or something completely different,
what does not yet exist and what is its social aspect?

New working models present us with new challenges: So a digital organisation is wonderful and makes us freer, but does it also have disadvantages? Living as so-called "digital nomads" is beautiful and enriching, but when does our free time begin? We have to be flexible, this is demanded by our clientele, where we often have to explain our working methods and/or procedures. And even then not always be understood. Because with us there is no right or wrong, as in mathematics. There are indeed methods and empirical values.

But if we look at the designer - customer relationship, we often experience this as a field of tension. But why exactly? Don't we understand the customer - or are we misunderstood? Or is it completely different in the end?

Translated with
TutorsRaphael Reber