Name, first nameKothe, LaraYear of birth1990UniversityHKBField of Interest / research fieldDesign Research and ReflectionTitle of projectDesigning and Perceiving HOTCHA!AbstractThe self-published magazine series HOTCHA! was created in the 1960s in Switzerland. The publisher was the artist and writer Urban Gwerder. The examination of HOTCHA! can certainly position itself in media and design theoretical discourses. The verification or falsification of this statement takes place through the implementation of two research approaches that build on each other. First, the do-it-yourself process, its critique of mass production and its (popular-)media as well as the effects of the process on design are examined. Furthermore, both medial negotiation and creative perception from the 1960s to the present are investigated, which on the one hand should help to classify HOTCHA! as an example of publishing as a critical practice and, as a result, to form a theoretical discourse on the role of the idea of self-empowerment.TutorsRobert Lzicar
Designing and Perceiving  HOTCHA!Designing and Perceiving  HOTCHA!Designing and Perceiving  HOTCHA!