Name, first nameChappuis ArnaudYear of birth1988UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldDesign Research and ReflectionTitle of projectDesigner in the digital eraAbstractToday, one of the possibilities that presents itself to the designer to concretize his own projects consists in the use of tools formerly too complex and expensive, like the 3D printer or the machining tool with numerical control (CNC). These tools become more accessible (some patents move into the public domain) because they are developed and shared by many communities on the Internet (do-it-yourself / DIY, culture maker, FabLabs, open source, open design ...). These communities, which advocate the sharing of culture and knowledge, question the limits of copyright (Creative Commons, Copyleft, free-culture movement). If this trend enthuses some, who see there a toolbox and new opportunities of creation, it worries others for whom it announces «the death of the designer». Are we in a new era that would change paradigms in design ? What impact do these changes have on the designer’s practice ? Can we think of industrial design at the individual level in the digital era ?TutorsSonia de PuineufFileDownload file
Designer in the digital eraDesigner in the digital eraDesigner in the digital era