Name, first nameShi ShuhuiYear of birth1994UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectArtificial Intelligence Involved Type DesignAbstractType design is getting more and more geeky. Many type designers and engineers start to develop their own tools, so do I. As a type designer, I believe technology provides more choices for art. Thanks to the quick development of Artificial Intelligence, specifically in computer vision, which could offer a chance for type designers to release their minds from repetitive works. Especially for Chinese type design, it could be a revolution for the whole industry. Type design could not become a hot topic in China nowadays mostly because of it has basically the highest learning cost among all languages. The minimum Character set requires at least 6’000 characters, that requires at least one year’s work for one single typeface. In order to change this situation, the best way is to provide a better atmosphere by upgrade tool of production, so that more people would try to be a type designer.

I started the project “AI Tools for Type Design” in 2018, and it becomes a collaboration project between ECAL / EPFL. This memoire records the entire process of the project, and explores the potential of using AI technology to create new tools and solve problems in type design field. I am not a technical expert, through this memoire I will show the view as a type designer, how do I participate in this technical project, what did I provide and learn. In order to show the whole process, the main body of the memoire is experiment and discussion logs showed in timeline. These logs will show thoughts, questions, codes, results in every experiments and discussions I had about this project.
TutorsRoland Früh, Wayne Daily