Name, first nameQuentinYear of birth1994UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectText on screen, typography and cinema.AbstractAs part of my research project in Master Typography I wish, by writing my thesis, examinate and interrogate the relation establish between text and animated images.

Typography on a cinematographic piece can take several forms: When the protagonist write or read. The signs on the street they walk through: various advertising, walls full of grafitti on a staged setting. At the entrance of a shop, a notice on the door indicate that it’s close. — A tiny but significant element on which it is conferred a diegetic function that give us a clue about the naration. As a backround entity, it can just be there. Not essential to the understanding of the story. However necessary to the projection of the spectator on a everyday life atmosphere. Textual messages here help to invoke or revoke the notion of reality.

The one directly integrate to the images; it is for exemple the case on the opening sequence, where titles, citations or summaries helps in laying the foundations of the storytelling. In fact, as an actor can inflect the sense of the dialogue by simulating emotions; the text to which we add formal attributes (shape, color, location) can inflect the sense of the message itself. Characters and characters work together.

Later, typefaces can appear as a temporal indicator, chapter one, chapter two, chapter tree… Otherwise, as a side subtitle that came to increase the value of the oral speech.

L’écrit au cinéma crie muettement son importance et dialogue symboliquement avec les voix du film, avec le récit, avec l’espace cinématographique. Il nous rappelle aussi que « graphe » dans « cinématographe » veut dire « écrit », et que le cinéma se situe par rapport au livre en situation d’héritage voire de rivalité. (Michel Chion - L’écrit au cinéma, Armand colin, Paris, 2013)

Those exemples are suggestions of what and how can the text be considered as a third element inseparable to images and sound.

Text on screen, typography and cinema, their relation. The Fiction, the naration. Visibility and readability. Those are the notion I would like to explore in a both textual and visual essay. A non-exhaustive* proposition punctuated by a multitude of examples. From general information to collected anectode. Reasearching, collecting, interpreting, writing and designing. Designing and writing.

*My statement on writing, as I’m designing, is not to provide precise answer from a specific question but more to shed some light on a notion. Suggest and propose something to read and to see.
TutorsWayne Daly, Roland Früh
Text on screen, typography and cinema.