Name, first nameVittorio SollecitiYear of birth1991UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectCross oversAbstractCrossover - Two domains in tight connection

“Designing is about creating emotion, it’s not necessarily rational, I build my products around the idea of individuality, I translate my passion, I create the character I want.”
“Freedom is the only style, I never speak about beauty or beautiful products but “good products”, the world “beautiful” doesn’t mean anything, only coherence counts”.
Two people, from different fields, speak about their approch to design. The first one is the fashion designer and Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, the second one is the product designer Philippe Starck.

Do these two different figures and respective worlds have something in common? I believe so, nowadays more then before. My intention is to investigate about it and deeply examine the roots of these two worlds in order to figure out how and possibly why the worlds of fashion and product design are breaking any hipotetcial boundaries between their domains.

In 1790 in England, the first industrial sewing machine was constructed, and in 1850 was born the first haute couture maison and with it the “first fashion designer”. The Governament School of Design was born in the same period in the same country, in order to elevate the quality of industrial products (not by chance, the main industrial products was textile) and from here was graduating Christopher Dresser, considered “the first industrial designer”.

Since their first years these two domains have been connected and there are many examples of crossovers projects that I am analysing, designers who work on both fields and industrial companies involved on both sides. My aim is to compare methodologies, point out when the borders where crossed and ask my self if there is actually a border. Moreover, could a fashion designer bring something new to product design and viceversa? Is there a new typology of designer who works in an envirnoment of no borders able to go across multiple disciplines?
TutorsAnniina Koivu, Margherita Banchi, Brynjar SigurdarsonFileDownload file