Name, first nameAebi KevinYear of birth1991UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldDesign Research and ReflectionTitle of projectLOVE WATCHMAKING HUMANITARIAN CAUSESAbstractOUR UNIVERSE, OUR VALUES, OUR TIME:
From day to day, the sacred bonds of marriage that unite watchmaking and global problems are growing stronger.
From the smallest worker passionate about crafts to the largest group specialized in the luxury industry, everyone wants to give of their heart to make the best possible impact on their ecological and environmental footprint.
And thus preserve our planet as well as possible, while offering it a beautiful perspective for the future.
However, what does the future of our beloved Earth look like? Will we live in dark times? Are we going to destroy everything, even the soil that allows us to live and feed ourselves?
As for me, the attraction for these ecological values gradually came to me, when I decided to open myself to the world around me. Confronted mainly with the images conveyed of luxury in my pre-professional sector, it was necessary to realize that it was simple to see things from another angle (although I particularly like this universe), in a more down-to-earth way, by questioning our original needs.
What is the purpose of wearing an accessory such as a jewel or a timepiece?
As early as Generation Y, most people want to display an object first for the aesthetic and utilitarian image it conveys, instead of a simple monetary and therefore social representation. Although unfortunately this is still relevant today....
Everyone is responsible for what they want to put forward, even if it is only a simple image, but meaningful. Thus, the ethical foundations of our purchases have a greater impact than our meaningless sets.
Today, the goal is to reach more people by following this mentality, focusing on the fundamental things, giving hope and returning to our original source, to which we owe so much: our Earth.
And so no, I don't think we left to destroy everything! Our generation and those of the millenariums are sensitive to this kind of humanist questioning. We wonder how Man could have come to this point, to the point of imagining his own extinction...
But we all see a glimmer of hope and want to create change, by respecting our environment, every animal, plant and mineral species in order to revolutionize the idea we already have of our irreparable future.
So what can we do to provide such help, is it a simple image that some companies want to show to make more profit and avoid bloody proclamations?
Where is it to really move forward and propose real solutions?
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