Name, first nameHausruckinger, AlenaYear of birth1995UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldFuture / TrendsTitle of projectInSecurity - Sensitize for objects of the era of fearAbstractOur society is in a state of fear. Our subjective perception of an insecure world is in contradiction to declining crime rates and a reduced number of terror victims. Complexity and acceleration lead to overtaxing, which increases the desire for familiarity, control and security. The economy responds to the phenomenon of perceived insecurity with products and services that enhance the feeling of security. But research shows that security and trust should be understood as emotional categories rather than rational needs. The question is how alternative possibilities and offers can be designed to turn against security alarmism.TutorsJudith Mair, Francis Müller, Bitten StetterFileDownload file
InSecurity - Sensitize for objects of the era of fear