Name, first nameGilberto LugoYear of birth1983UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectFrom disgust to relishAbstractThe active influence of the insect existence in our life has been shaping human cultures and civilizations in countless ways. They have been part of crucial components of many ecosystems, performing many important functions in the production of unique and useful natural substances, such as honey, wax, lacquer and silk. They regulate the population densities of many potential pest species, dispose of our wastes, bury the dead, and recycle organic nutrients. Indeed, we seldom stop to consider what life would be like without insects, and how much we depend on them for our very survival.
A pair of antennae, compound eyes, three pairs of jointed legs, exoskeleton and a three-part body; in addition with the skittery way of moving. Insects have been classified, stigmatized, and tightly bound up with feelings of disgust. An interesting response that has a biological basis in the form of distaste, which prevent us from consuming food that is potentially harmful. Disgust is deployed, to maintain boundaries it can extend beyond food to behaviors, contributing to the frame of social order to be examined.
Food plays a strong part in social and cultural identity. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the value system related with insect food, and the social/cultural rejection that builds the barrier for insect food consumption. The required data have been gained through a series of experiments, supported by methods that will corroborate, how design can be used to inspire, impact, and transform today’s cultural conditioning around insect food.
The data analysis will provide the parameters to identify, sorting out common interest and lifestyle of the insect products consumers; with the objective to get insights in real time of the products, and services the market offers nowadays.
As a result, a new product development process will arise with a substantiated method, based on a contemporary digital communication context. This will allow understanding and fast reacting to the market’s needs. A product will be designed, focused in contribute to break the barriers for insect food consumption, and open interest in look forward to new culinary experiences.
Try new experiences in a created environment, made of elements designed to reach a specific purpose; will allow break the cultural boundaries of insect food, leading a journey from disgust to relish, of a culinary experiences beyond de ordinary.
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From disgust to relish