Name, first nameKyung Jin LeeYear of birth1992UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of project3D typography : From 1920 to PresentAbstractText is no longer limited to flat surface. With the development of digital technology, virtual reality and augmented reality gaining its popularity, 3-dimensional typography is now a big part of the design trend. Since typographic form can change in size, color, and position according to a reader's view in real time, we need a different way of thinking about both typography and the information it conveys. While it isn’t made for readability on flat surface, what is the meaning of 3D typeface for these new world? As the technology improves, treatment for it needs to be changed too.
This thesis proposes 3D typography in 2 major aspects. The history of 3D letterform, starting from lettering on monument signage to 70s Letraset inspired typefaces that were mostly drawings on a flat canvas or screen take on a three-dimensional feel, connecting to development of computer technology and practical research of 3D typography with VR technology. Design experiments exploring dynamic treatment of text were generated using the 3D tools.
TutorsRoland Früh, Wayne Daly
3D typography : From 1920 to Present3D typography : From 1920 to Present3D typography : From 1920 to Present