Name, first nameBiancaYear of birth1993UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectAPPLIED INTIMACYAbstractAPPLIED INTIMACY
On connection, its representation and the family

We are made by the events which determine our lives and by the people who are part of them. Those we create the deepest relationships with, our family, our lovers, are the main part of our being and our way of relating to the outside and dealing with situations.
My research starts from the question of how important personal connections could help the realisation of a photographic project and where is the boundary between the personal reality and its public exhibition (of faces and bodies, feelings and private spaces).
In this thesis, I examine the meaning of the concept of intimacy in photographic projects and how the real connection between the photographer and the subjects could be transmitted to the viewer.
Through the analysis of various artworks, the thesis focus on real familiar connections transported in the art field which create a different reaction on the viewer.
In this case, the concept of “family” is intended as a restricted unit of deep relationships of blood and/or love, where the element of communion is a symbolic or physical union between the parts.
TutorsClaus Gunti