Name, first nameMingoo YoonYear of birth1989UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectBi-Script Type design: Hangul and Latin alphabetAbstractSince ancient times, humans have explored continuously unknown places and the bridge between them, not where they belong. Exploring between oneself and others, between a country and a country, between planets and planets is human nature, and humans have discovered continuously, invented, and evolved new things. This nature applies without exception to our culture, language, lifestyles, and whole design areas.

Understanding the environment in which two different alphabets are grown is necessary for a type designer who designs a typeface, and helps to present new type design methodologies. Generally, to make two different types of alphabets into a single typeface family, formal characteristics are often forced to fit together. To do that, we have to understand each of the complex properties. This study is a report about two different alphabets entirely separate from the past and has lived in a different environment and designing both Hangul(Korean alphabet) and Latin alphabet on a single basis, documenting the work process, discussing various issues, limitations, and experiments within the design.
TutorsRoland Früh, Wayne Daly
Bi-Script Type design: Hangul and Latin alphabetBi-Script Type design: Hangul and Latin alphabetBi-Script Type design: Hangul and Latin alphabet