Name, first namegijeong.gooYear of birth1990UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectMedical PhotographyAbstractImages can not physically harm human beings. However, it stimulates and concentrates the sense we feel. In medicine, the inside of the body was photographed with the techniques of ultrasound, x-rays, etc. to find the cause of the human body's pain, and the body abnormality was marked by the specific technique. This allows doctors to identify the cause of the patient 's suffering, and is helping to treat the human body in comparison to normal - state photographs.

Medical cameras are 'measurement tools'. It is a technique that is designed not to contain what is seen by the eye, but to observe what can not be seen by the eye. (The text of the anatomical text was met with limited success in the early years of photography. tonal variation made photographs Difficulty to interpret. This may have been due to the spectral sensitivity of early materials to blue, violet and ultra-violet light. The purpose is to emphasize the difficult parts to observe,
Medical PhotographyMedical PhotographyMedical Photography