Name, first nameMarceau CarlaYear of birth1996UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectFuture of dust / Notebook on the identity of dust and its inAbstractThis is a speculative research based on scientific statement. I study dust through different environments looking at art, design and digital. I create objects adapted to a speculative world.

This notebook of observation on dust is maintained by a French ethnographer in 2075. Europe has become dusty, affected by drought. The quality of the air is polluted, with a fine particle rate of 932 migrograms per cubic meter. The threshold set by the World Health Organization (WHO) is 75. Degrading the visibility of the horizon and the health of the inhabitants, responsible for one death every hour. The agglomeration of grains serves as a nest for bacteria, microorganisms, fungal spores .... which are suspended by wind and turbulence. A strong issue for the general population. With an increase of 3,940 microbes / m3 of air. Despite everything an air monitoring network has been set up imposing
increasingly stringent ambient air quality standards through a European standardization allowing a technological improvement of vehicles or even the digital and by opting for policies of displacements and industrial discharges which contributed to a reduction of the emissions nitrogen oxide, 920 tonnes of CO2 less each day. This period is named Dry Cloud.
It is then that the ethnographer tells his enchantment through the dust. He decides to do research on these dead but alive particles by focusing on his past and his interaction between different environments.
TutorsNicolas Nova
Future of dust / Notebook on the identity of dust and its in