Name, first namePatricia BlancoYear of birth1986UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldIllustration / Visual NarrationTitle of projectCommunication for the Conservation of TalamancaAbstractThe highlands of the Talamanca mountain range constitute part of the largest continuous forest in Costa Rica, and are known to be as one of the biodiversity and endemism hotspots around the globe, having nearly 80% of the endemic species of the country in about a 20% of the national territory, and many of this species are already endangered or without any assessment. One of the most important steps to help support the conservation is to understand the reasons for the wildlife population decrease, and to help diminish those causes it is necessary to involve the population to create a preservation culture in both
national and international level, making general audience understand through graphic design, the importance of this species in the ecosystem.

The general objective is to help empathize the general population with wildlife to help preserve endangered or endemic species through design, video is to explain the interaction ora-fauna, showing the importance of seed dispersal and pollinator species, trying to highlight (but not limit) the endemism of the region, involving interdisciplinary projects to receive the necessary background information, resources and feedback, create an effective and dynamic informative web portal portraying the necessary information about the different species in the Talamanca mountain range, communicating relevant research outputs, their conservation status, research findings, new data and statistics, with the final goal to support conservation professionals.
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Communication for the Conservation of Talamanca