Name, first nameGarcia, JuanYear of birth1992UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectThe Visual Styles of ImmersionAbstractHow visual styles affect our perception of architectural quality?
With the rise of immersive media as a communication tool, companies are exploring the integration of immersive experiences in their pipeline to enhance the communication processes, and foster an efficient communication of projects, products, and services. In architecture, 3D renderings became the standard media to visualize concepts or unbuilt projects, but the democratization of virtual reality (VR) and its adoption as visualization tool have reopened the debate about the visual styles of architectural visualization and its influence in the perception of architectural quality. On the other hand, VR offers a new dimension of possibilities in visualization, storytelling and data visualization, something a 3D rendering cannot provide, hence widening the spectrum of tools architects have nowadays to communicate their projects. This project intends to explore the diversity of visual styles in VR for architecture, their influence in the perception of architectural quality, as well as new ways of combining them in VR experiences with sound, interactivity and data visualization.
TutorsMax Rheiner, Björn Franke
The Visual Styles of ImmersionThe Visual Styles of Immersion