Name, first nameNaho OkamotoYear of birth05.1UniversityHKBField of Interest / research fieldFuture / TrendsTitle of projectDo humans have the potentiality of ‘love communion’AbstractThe theme of the project is “Do humans have the potentiality of ‘love communion’ with objects?”. The purpose of the researching is the potentiality of the communication between humans. Also, objects have abstract words and contain unconditional love like a human will be proved. The basic idea of the project is inspired by Shintoism which everything has a spirit and countless Gods regardless visible matter or invisible matter. Nowadays, there are the too much products with no heart which are consumed only in large quantities, the society with economic priority to enjoy them, and the action of destroying nature ignoring the cycle of life. This project raises a question about the problem and evokes the importance of human behavior toward objects. The research will take place based on creating objects and holding an exhibition. Moreover, in the exhibition, the communication will ¬influence on people’s sense of time and they can feel a slower passage of time will be examined .TutorsConrad Bosshard