Name, first nameGräberYear of birth1990UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectA-, SYMMETRYAbstractLiving in a very symmetric society and its created world the need of something different becomes stronger and stronger. Starting with the statement that asymmetric objects are visually more outstanding and iconic, there is first of all a never ending world of symmetries to explore.

In a chronological order the topic is studied in the same broad way as it is by itself. From biology and the human perception over the antiquity to Andrea Palladio this research has its focus on the modernism with the Bauhaus period and the “father of modernism” Alvar Aalto up to the specific field of product design and our current time.

Symmetry is something nature given in order to manage growth and movement processes. The human being is constantly looking for lines and grids as well as right angles to get a fast orientation. And by comparing plants and animals to architecture and design the is a very interesting relation to explore.
TutorsAnniina Koivu, Brynjar SigurðarsonFileDownload file