Name, first namemaevaYear of birth1992UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectObsession spectraleAbstractIn the 1970s, Deborah Turbeville is a representative figure in fashion photography alongside Guy Bourdin, Helmunt Newton and Sarah Moon. However, no in-depth study has been done on Deborah Turbeville’s approach. It must be an object of a research seeing as it involves a paradox. She claims her commercial collaborations as the sine qua non conditions of her creation but in the same time, she refuses the status of fashion photographer. Clothes become accessories of a staging outside fashion. The models
are transformed into spectres by the overexposure of the photographic film. Shooting spaces take over the main roles. These are real places spotted for their sinister and ghostly atmosphere and are the opposite of the fashion industry.
Obsession spectrale proposes to update the photographs of Deborah Turbeville. A hypothetical investigation extracts the central element of this contradiction. It is coming from an aesthetics of spectrality that refers to the concept of “hauntology” by Jacques Derrida. It is the result from a refusal of a mourning where a ghost continually haunts the space of an individual. The spectrality of Deborah Turbeville’s aesthetic invites us to do his “hantology” and leads us to explore the origin of her spectres.
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Obsession spectraleObsession spectraleObsession spectrale