Name, first nameCatherine TsaiYear of birth1987UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of project3D visualizations for robotic surgery of the inner earAbstractCochlear implantation is an otologic microsurgery procedure in which an implant electrode containing platinum electrodes is inserted into the cochlea providing hearing sensation to deaf patients. While 65,000 patients are implanted annually in the world, in 30 to 55% of patients resulting implant performance is suboptimal. Ongoing research suggests that surgical robotic technology has the potential to overcome existing human operator limitations. The robotic approach requires preoperative planning based on computed tomography (CT) images. The main aim of the surgery planning is to find a trajectory with clearance to critical structures. For this purpose, the relevant anatomy is segmented from preoperative CT scans and visualized using 3D surface models (Figure 1). Visualization to date consists of mono-colored, non-textured surface and otherwise simplified surface models. Those models lack specificity with respect to the real-world appearance of the anatomy. Using a more functional as well as appealing visual representation of the anatomy can lead to a faster and more accurate understanding of the planning. Hence, in this master’s thesis proposal, methods and approaches for more photo-realistic, clinically and anatomically more accurate models shall be developed and implemented as models, to be rendered in real-time using available computer hardware.Tutors3D visualizations for robotic surgery of the inner earFileDownload file
3D visualizations for robotic surgery of the inner ear3D visualizations for robotic surgery of the inner ear